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Every level comes with 3 complete books.


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The difference between JPS and other jazz piano education is the systematic and structured approach to learning.

Unlike other styles of learning in which you copy, mimic or play back, different licks, transcriptions, voicings, and arrangements of standards, JPS actually TEACHES you theory, improvisation and technique TOOLS.

These tools are then applied to your repertoire so you can continually use them over ALL jazz standards.

This ensures consistent progress and improvement while achieving complete FREEDOM at the piano.


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“The JPS method is the most complete approach to jazz piano I’ve ever seen.”

“The JPS method is the most complete approach to jazz piano I’ve ever seen. Each concept seems so well thought-out and thorough, Jazz Piano School has helped me fill-in the holes, so to speak, of my piano playing. As I am a saxophone player primarily, Brenden’s course has been invaluable in giving me the proper exercises that I knew had to be out there somewhere, for utilization of the concepts I’ve properly made sense of only with a horn, up until now. Making my way through the jazzpianoschool’s materials has been a huge help in allowing me to also gig on piano. I can’t thank Brenden enough for sharing his wealth of knowledge.”


“This is by far the best online piano course I have ever seen.”

“I have had memberships on several online piano sites, and although most of them contain a lot of valuable information, none of them have a structured plan like Jazz Piano School. These other sites leave you wondering what order to do the lessons in or if there are prerequisites before moving to another lesson, and that can be very frustrating.  With Jazz Piano School, that is never the case.  Instructor Brenden Lowe has done a remarkable job with laying out a very structured course map, so there is never any guesswork with what to be working on.  Also, every lesson has a video explaining what to work on along with a course book, and each lesson provides a practice video, so you know exactly what to do. In addition, Brenden’s friendly, outgoing personality and sense of humor, makes it fun. This is by far the best  online piano course I have ever seen. If you are serious about learning piano, don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from Jazz Piano School.”


“I highly recommend Jazz Piano School for anyone who wants to begin learning or improve.”

“What makes learning how to play jazz piano via the Jazz Piano School Course great? Everything! The perfect sequencing of the lessons, how lessons are designed, the course content, the videos, the options for how to complete the course, and Brenden’s wit, all make learning fun .  It’s been rewarding to see my playing progress and I’m almost over my fear of playing in front of others. Taking the course on my own time and not having to deal with the nerves of playing in front of a teacher has been great!  Being able to apply the techniques I learned in the course to learn a song or try my hand at improvising motivates me to keep on playing on. I can’t wait to start the Intermediate Course.  I highly recommend Jazz Piano School for anyone who wants to begin learning or improve.”


“It is life changing! I’m glad I did it and heartily recommend you to do the same.”

I wasn’t even planning on getting back into piano at this point in my life but when I began to peruse this website, I couldn’t help but start to think, “If only this had been available when”… I had the John Mehegan books that were fine for learning 2-5 progressions in every key, but then the seminal Mark Levine “Jazz Piano Book” came out in the early 90’s. Sure it didn’t include blues playing or audio examples but it represented a huge step in the canon of reaching the subject of jazz piano in terms of clarity. I think Brenden’s course is every bit as important. I saw how intuitively everything was laid out and how he seemed to have a talent for MAKING THE COMPLEX SIMPLE. I noticed that even in the way he taught a Mulgrew Miller lick in said video was extremely easy to follow. I’m a sucker for knowledge…Such a treasure trove … a fine compendium like that was impossible to resist. When a “Special Offer” came around, I bit. I not only joined, but took the lifetime membership.


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