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Improvisation Mastery

Finally, an improvisation system that takes ridiculous education phrases like "you just gotta feel it and transcribe more" completely out of the picture. This is your ticket to complete, step-by-step, improvisation mastery

Here's What You'll Learn When You Invest In This Course

In this course, you’ll follow a sequential improvisation path that is sequentially ordered to teach you everything you need to know about improvisation. It will build a solid foundation for you with nuanced education then layer on more concepts such as improv tools to get an out sound, LH comping, reharms, bebop approach notes, connection progressions, modern improv and so much more.

In a nutshell, this improvisation course covers absolutely everything you could possibly want to know on improvisation.


With the help of this brand new specialty course you'll discover...

  • The 2 beginner improvisation steps that everyone needs to master to build a solid improv foundation
  • Essential improvisational tools that can be used to layer on top of your improvisation foundation with ease
  • A slew of reharms that you can use to completely change your improvisation atmosphere and lines
  • What bebop actually is, and a systematic approach to learn and practice bebop to train your brain to think ahead and create spontaneous lines with ease
  • The 4 step process of practicing improvisation and how you can use it this practice system for the rest of your life
  • How to create a modern improvisation sound with just a few simple elements over any tune at any time
  • The 2 LH comping strategies the pro’s use 99% of time when they’re improvising. HINT: They’re easier than you think.
  • Improvisation styles for all types of tunes, ballads, funk, blues, medium swing, old school and more
  • What your LH needs to do to support your RH when improvising during solo piano
  • And so much more…


Who Is This Specialty Course For?

This specialty course is for anyone that wants an easy and clear, systematic approach to learning improvisation with specific and instructional education about the nitty gritty details of improvisation. This course covers absolutely everything you could possible want to learn about improvisation in full detail.


Course Details

Improv Mastery

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  • Instructor: Brenden Lowe – Jazz Piano School Founder
  • Education: 20 Lessons, with multiple steps in each, 170+ learn and practice videos, notated practice exercises, improv trading practice videos, backing tracks and more!
  • Access: Lifetime!
  • Discount Ends: When the timer hits 00:00:00

Meet Your Educator


Brenden Lowe

Jazz Piano School Owner

Brenden Lowe has been playing piano since he was 3. He studied classical for 15 years then switched to jazz. He graduated from The New School University in New York city and is now gigging and running Jazz Piano School. 

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Improv Mastery

Have you ever heard a phrase like, "You just gotta transcribe more and feel it" when trying to learn how to improvise?

I’ve heard this and so many others.

“Just listen harder”.

“Try to swing more”.

“Go outside the key like this and then come back in”.

The list goes on and on.

The problem is none of these general statements ever helped.

How about licks?

Of course I tried that. I learned THOUSANDS of LICKS.

I copied my teachers solos, I transcribed solos. I learned 2-5-1 licks.

Sure I learned some language but what ended up happening was I found myself just waiting for one particular 2-5-1 to come up in a tune JUST so I could play this one lick I had practiced.

Guess what happened on the rest of the tune?

I bombed it.

I was guessing the entire time. I never knew what notes to play or why.

And worst of all I didn’t know what to do to get better and fix the issue.

Sound familiar?

This is the improvisation journey of 99% of students out there. Probably you too.

That’s exactly why I created this improvisation course.

This improvisation SYSTEM.

This is not just a course it’s a plan.

A plan for you to build an improvisation foundation and add on layers to see exponential progress.

It’s a road map to follow that will ensure consistent development.

And I put absolutely everything in it you could possibly want to learn all in sequential order.

I was sick and tired of the generalized improv statements that never helped students.

This specialty course will give you specific, detailed and surgical steps to improvise how you’ve always wanted.

Here’s to your new jazz piano improvisation journey which starts right now!

-Brenden Lowe
Founder of Jazz Piano School

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Improv Mastery

Improvisation Mastery Curriculum

Lesson 01 - How To Use This Course

Lesson 02 - Improvisation Cliff's Notes

Lesson 03 - The Tune Improvisation System

Lesson 04 - The Improvisation Practice System

Lesson 05 - Chord Tones - The Harmony Anchors

Lesson 06 - Rhythm & The Swing Feel

Lesson 07 - Connecting Chord Tones With Glue Notes

Lesson 08 - The Bebop Equation and Bebop Approach Notes

Lesson 09 - Improv Tools - Alt Scale, Maj 6th Blues Scale, Half Whole Scale and so many more.

Lesson 10 - How To Use Your LH To Comp

Lesson 11 - Misc Improv Changes

Lesson 12 - Modern Improv

Lesson 13 - Improvisation Reharms

Lesson 14 - Improvisation Musicality

Lesson 15 - Developing Your Solo

Lesson 16 - Space in Improvisation

Lesson 17 - Improvisation Styles

Lesson 18 - Solo Piano Improvisation

Lesson 19 - The Most Popular Improvisation Movements

Lesson 20 - Combining Everything You've Learned

Lesson 21 - Transcription Analysis (Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell, McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Red Garland, Charlie Parker, Miles Davie, Chet Baker, Wynton Kelly and more!)

Who Is This For?

This specialty course is for anyone that...

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I access the course?

This is an online training course that you will have lifetime access to.Once you submit payment, you will receive credentials in your email to login and access all the materials within the course.

Do I have lifetime access ?

Yes! You have lifetime access to all the materials inside. You also have lifetime access to any new updates we make to the course in the future. If you’re a monthly members and cancel your membership for any reason, you will also have continued access to these course materials as well. 

Do I have lifetime access ?

Yes! You have lifetime access to all the materials inside. You also have lifetime access to any new updates we make to the course in the future. If you’re a monthly members and cancel your membership for any reason, you will also have continued access to these course materials as well. 

What does this course cover ?

Simply put, this course covers literally every single topic on improvisation you could want. Bebop, styles, modern, popular improvised momvents, LH coming, solo piano improvisation, group, building a foundation, reharms, and so much more. If you want a full curriculum just contact us and we will send it to you to look over before you purchase.

Why is the discount ending?

We’re currently running a promotion for this particular specialty course. If you purchase right now, you will save $200. If the discount expires you can still purchase the course, but it will be at a higher cost.


Do you offer a refund if the course isn't for me?


We offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If you don’t like it for any reason simply contact us and we will refund your entire purchase with no questions asked. 

Get instant access for just $397

Improv Mastery

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Jazz Piano School Is Different

Yes there are other jazz piano websites and education on the internet, but Jazz Piano School is unique because it was specifically built to solve a common problem among jazz students. That problem is lack of structured, organized, and step-by-step jazz education that provides us with clear details and practice exercises so we know exactly what to do in order to get better and accomplish our dream. 

We’ve wasted 15 years, jumping around youtube videos, switching teachers, guessing, doubting, feeling frustrated, embarrassed, insecure, and crappy because of the way jazz education is taught. 

In other words, we’ve been in the trenches so you don’t have to! Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, systematic, easy to follow education and courses so you can quickly and efficiently apply what you’re learning and start seeing results immediately! If this sounds appealing then you welcome! You’ve found your home. 🙂

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At Jazz Piano School we have a FULL, 30-day money back guarantee. Our only mission is to help you achieve jazz piano freedom so if you are unsatisfied or unhappy in anyway, shape, or form, simply let us know and we will FULLY refund all of your money, no questions asked. 


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