Improvisation Bootcamp

A 2 week, online zoom program, held Monday-Friday, that delivers an immersive, improvisation experience so that you can finally improvise over tunes the way you've always dreamed of

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About This 2 Week Improvisation Bootcamp

I’m extremely excited about this brand new Bootcamp model that I’m introducing to Jazz Piano School.

I wanted to develop a way for students to interact with me over short durations of time to learn an immense amount of information about specific topics. Like improvisation.

My solution…a 2 Week Improvisation Bootcamp on zoom, that allows you to learn directly from me as I give you the most IMPORTANT, need to know information delivered in a masterclass format, Monday – Friday.

In my opinion, the most valuable benefit to this model is the opportunity you’ll receive to engage with me live over zoom.

At the end of each masterclass I will open up the floor for questions and answer any questions that students have until I’ve answered…them all! Ask away!

My Goal For You In This Program

My goal for you while working through this program isn’t so much to be able to play everything because both know 2 weeks isn’t long enough for that. 

My goal for you is to learn and understand the improvisation path that will lead you to success so that once the program is over, you can follow those steps and know exactly what to practice and work on to get fast results.

I will be going over A LOT of information in a short amount of time, so that A, you have live recordings of it all, and B, so that I show you how all the puzzle pieces fit together. If you have a clear vision of the road map to follow, all that’s left to do is execute it.

Unfortunately in improvisation, the #1 problem that prevents students from making progress is simply NOT knowing what to work on or how to get better.

Who Is This Bootcamp For?

This improvisation Bootcamp is for anyone that wants more of an in person type learning environment that allows them to get their questions answer in time by Brenden with demonstrations.


  • Instructor: Brenden Lowe – Jazz Piano School Founder
  • Days: Monday – Friday
  • Time: 3pm – 4:30pm pst (ending time based on questions)
  • Education: All Improvisation – Curriculum down below
  • Recorded: Yes! You’ll receive lifetime access to all the recordings
  • Platform: Zoom (You’re welcome to have your camera off while attending)

Who Is This Bootcamp For?

This bootcamp is for anyone that...

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything will be recorded and stored in a members area for you to watch back at anytime.

There is no max capacity to the program at this time so we’re not sure.

Absolutely. This program is meant for all skill levels. There are no pre-requisites. The bootcamp learning will start from the ground floor and work up to professional improvisation methods and strategies.

Zoom will be used for all the lessons in order to listen to you play and teach. 

There will be no playing from students, only listening, learning and question asking.

All self-study courses and materials released inside the Jazz Piano School members area will always be free for lifetime members, including any live lessons conducted by Brenden or his staff. Because of the personal time commitment Brenden is setting aside to run this specialized, 2 week program, everyday, this is an add-on cost. All lifetime members will always receive the largest discount on pricing.

The program will start Monday, Jan 23rd, 2023 and end on Friday, February 3rd. Brenden will deliver a masterclass every day at 3pm pst, with Wednesdays reserved all for Q&A and demonstrations.

No. In order to get access to the Improvisation Mastery, self-study course you must purchase the bundle available below as a purchase option. All lifetime members will automatically get access to the course.

There are no refunds due to the time commitment Brenden is setting aside to teach this online program.

Yes! Brenden just conducted a 6-month Accelerator program and students saw tremendous results!

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It's time get after improvisation!

Jan 23rd - Feb 3rd

Improv Bootcamp: $297

Lifetime Elite Discount: $200 off

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