How To Easily Play Stride & Ragtime Piano Like a Pro

Learn easy methods and systems that you can quickly implement today so that you can play stride and ragtime piano just like you've always wanted.

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Here's What You'll Learn When You Invest In This Course

In this essential new specialty course, you’ll learn the science behind playing stride and ragtime piano that will make your practice easier, save you time, and have you playing this style faster than you could ever imagine. 

Stride and Ragtime are actually essential components to solo piano in jazz due to the ability to accompany one self and sound like a band. If there’s any course that you need to improve your jazz piano, it’s this one. 

With the help of this brand new specialty course you'll discover...

  • How to use the “March Pattern” to quickly and easily create a stride sound
  • The best way to utilize Octaves in your playing to get the authentic sound of the stride and ragtime giants
  • Learn the secrets of “Syncopation” in order to produce a full and advanced sound
  •  How to easily combine your LH & RH even if you don’t have much technique or you’re still just a beginner and are new to jazz
  • Learn the necessary RH intervals, and runs that need to be played in order to easily create the authentic stride and ragtime style
  • How to practice and incorporate different types of beginner, intermediate, and advanced chord shapes that will make your LH sound brilliant
  • The hidden secrets of the stride and ragtime giants, such as Art Tatum, James P. Johnson, Teddy Wilson, by analyzing their playing and transcriptions
  • And so much more…

Course Details

Price: $197

Price: $197

  • Instructor: Sterling Cozza – JPS Staff Educator
  • Education: 35 lesson videos, notated practice exercises, descriptions, and more
  • Access: Lifetime!

Topics Discussed

LH Stride Basics | LH Ragtime Basics | LH Voicings | RH Lines | RH Runs | James P. Johnson Style | Art Tatum Style | and so much more

Meet Your Educator


Sterling Cozza

Jazz Piano School Staff Educator

Sterling Cozza graduated with a degree in jazz piano performance from Eastman University in New York. He’s played with such names as

Whose This Specialty Course For

This specialty course is for anyone that wants to begin or progress the stride and ragtime piano style so that they can play it with ease over any and all tunes while simultaneously improving their general jazz solo piano skill set at as well.

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Does the voice inside your head start saying, "I could never do that", when you listen to the stride and ragtime piano giants of the past?

I’ve walked into a lot of bars, lounges and restaurants and her stride and ragtime piano being played. And what is it most of us say in our heads? 

There’s no way.

There’s literally no way I could play like that.

I would listen intently to their LH, zooming back and forth across the piano with a contorted look on my face that just says, “How?!”

How is this possible?

Not to mention the RH is also playing burning lines and movements at the same time! 

This would happen constantly listening to the great Art Tatum, James P. Johnson, Scott Joplin, Teddy Wilson, and others.

It seemed like sorcery. I mean how could all of THAT be played by one person. 

Wouldn’t it be great to understand the magic? 

I needed to know.

Fortunately I studied and work hard and started to understand the easy, methodical strategies that produced a complex stride and ragtime sound. 

And even MORE fortunately, one of our Jazz Piano School Staff Educators named Sterling Cozza just happened to be taking a deep dive on all of it! 


Let’s create a new specialty course on all of it!

Let’s pull back the curtain to the wizard of STRIDE & RAGTIME!

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

This specialty course SHOWS you the magic.

TEACHES you the magic.

In an easy and structured way that will allow you to start implementing into your own playing today.

With the simple techniques and methods revealed in this course you’ll be able to create an authentic and accurate stride and ragtime sound over any and all standards whenever you want.

If you’re the type of person that loves the stride and ragtime sound and wants to be able to add it into your own playing, then this specialty course is for you. 

Curriculum Contained in This Specialty Course


Lesson 01 - Foundations of Stride: Ragtime

  • Step #1 – LH March Pattern
  • Step #2 – LH Accompaniment
  • Step #3 – LH Octaves 
  • Step #4 – LH Octaves with Passing Tones
  • Step #5 – RH Syncopation

Lesson 02 - Foundations of Stride: Ragtime (Part 2)

  • Step #1 – RH Intervals
  • Step #2 – RH Intervals Advanced
  • Step #3 – More LH Chord Shapes
  • Step #4 – LH Chord Shapes Advanced
  • Step #5 – LH & RH Orchestration

Lesson 03 - Stride Pianist Techniques & Analysis

  • Step #1 – Fats Waller LH 10ths
  • Step #2 – Teddy Wilson 10ths
  • Step #3 – Willie “The Lion” Smith Broken 10ths
  • Step #4 – James P Johnson: The “Blues Walkup”
  • Step #5 – LH Accompaniment with Melody

Lesson 04 - The Harlem Stride Style

  • Step #1 – RH “Trumpet Style” Chords
  • Step #2 – RH Arpeggios
  • Step #3 – RH 7th Chord Shapes
  • Step #4 – Put It All Together RH & LH
  • Step #5 – RH Syncopation

Lesson 05 - Virtuoso Pianist Runs

  • Step #1 – Art Tatum
  • Step #2 – James P Johnson
  • Step #3 – Teddy Wilson
  • Step #4 – Fats Waller
  • Step #5 – Nat King Cole

Lesson 06 - 21st Century Stride Application

  • Step #1 – Solo Piano Style
  • Step #2 – LH Shell Voicings
  • Step #3 – LH Rootless Voicings
  • Step #4 – 2-5-1 Progressions
  • Step #5 – RH Block Harmonizations

Lesson 07 - Transcription Analysis

  • Step #1 – Scott Joplin “Original Rags”
  • Step #2 – Chris Dawson “All of Me”
  • Step #3 – Art Tatum “Sweet Loraine”
  • Step #4 – TBA July 6th
  • Step #5 – TBA July 13th

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Who Is This For

This specialty course is for anyone that...

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the course?

This is an online training that you will have lifetime access to. Once you submit payment, you will receive credentials in your email to login and access all the materials within the course.

Do I have lifetime access ?

Yes! You have lifetime access to all the materials inside. You also have lifetime access to any new updates we make to the course in the future. If you’re a monthly members and cancel your membership for any reason, you will also have continued access to these course materials as well. 

Do I get access to this course if I'm a monthly Jazz Piano School Member?

Yes, all monthly members get total access to all courses and education inside of Jazz Piano School. If you don’t want to purchase courses individually, you can save a lot of money buy simply becoming a member of Jazz Piano School. This will give you all access to every course we have available. If you want to become a monthly member click here.

Do I have lifetime access ?

Yes! You have lifetime access to all the materials inside. You also have lifetime access to any new updates we make to the course in the future. If you’re a monthly member and cancel your membership for any reason, you will also have continued access to these course materials as well. 

Do you offer a refund if the course isn't for me?


We offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If you don’t like it for any reason simply contact us and we will refund your entire purchase with no questions asked. 

Get instant access for just $197

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