JPS Ep:170 – 5 Things To Help Your Tune Approach

Knowing what kind of style, what kind of approach you should take on a tune can be tough? How do you go at it? Old school? Modern? Flowy? Hard swing?
In this episode I’ll give you 5 quick tips that will allow you to easily understand the approach you should take when playing a tune. I also go over specific approaches at the end. Enjoy!

JPS Ep:169 – Jazz Piano School 2.0 Details Part 1

I give you all the details you need to know about our amazing 2.0 launch coming October 7th @ 7am est.
Here is the link to video 1 in the brand new workshop I’m releasing as well!

JPS Ep:168 – Our NEW Success Path Blueprint

Jazz Piano School 2.0 is set to launch October 7th @ 7am EST. Complete with new designs, new features like flash cards, practice workouts, new navigation and so much more. One of the coolest things will be our brand new 6 Stage success path. Our success path will allow you to start in a place that’s right for YOU, and continue forward with learning that is CORRECT for the place that you’re in. Get our Success Path Workbook in this podcast. I say the link inside. Enjoy!

JPS Ep:167 – The Power of Music

Music is very powerful. Like…very…very…powerful. I mean you know right?! Why do you think you’re on this journey? Music has the power to heal, transform, inspire, calm, soothe, and about a billion other things. In this episode I talk about what music means to me, how it changed my life, and how my mission to teach you jazz piano will help you change lives as well. Here we go!

JPS Ep:165 – Mastering the Diatonic Circle of 5ths

What do Autumn Leaves, All the Things You Are, and Johann Sebastian Bach all have in common? They all use the diatonic circle of 5ths!

This progression has been used for centuries, and in this week’s podcast lesson we will discuss how to use it seamlessly to improvise chords and melodies.

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