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Finally Achieve Your Jazz Piano Dream
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For the first time ever, get lifetime access to all the education inside of Jazz Piano School that students have been using to quickly and easily play jazz piano like they've always dreamed of.

Like this student Vladamir who is now making more progress than ever before and sounding like a pro when he plays over ballads which took him less than 10 weeks.

Or this student, who left Jazz Piano School, and then came back because it was the best and finally allowed her to play in the band just like she had always wanted.

This student used the same jazz piano system that’s inside of Jazz Piano School to play and arrange jazz standards mostly by ear on the spot with fills, reharms, and thick, advanced voicings in just 3 months.

Over the past 9 years, thousands of students have successfully used the Jazz Piano School education system to learn how to play jazz piano.

They’ve dreamed of playing in a band or accompanying a vocalist.

They’ve wanted to walk up to the piano in their house, sit down, and simply start playing gorgeous jazz standards in a solo piano style without music.

They’ve longed to improvise over tunes and express their inner feelings however THEY wanted, instead of copying transcriptions and notes from other pianists.

And they’ve all achieve their goals.

It didn’t take them 20 years. It didn’t take them 10 years. It didn’t even take 5.

The average student achieve their goal in less than a year and most in 6 months.

Best of all, you can now get lifetime access to the proven, systematic, step-by-step curriculum, and amazing community inside of Jazz Piano School that that was responsible for helping the above students play like pros.

Today, I want to show you how.

Hi, I'm Brenden Lowe, educator and founder of Jazz Piano School and the Jazz Piano School Learning System.

Happy Black Friday.

This is my favorite time of the year as a consumer because I always know I’m getting the absolute best deal.

No questions asked.

The same is true for you.

The “Jazz Piano School Blackbox” is our absolute best offer we’ve ever released.

And included is the brand new release of Jazz Piano School 4.0!

More on this later.

I’ve bundled lifetime access to everything that has resulted in the fastest and easiest results for previous students for you inside of the Jazz Piano School Blackbox.

I did this so that don’t have to think about anything.

I did this so it can be as simple and clear for you as possible to achieve your jazz piano dream.

All you have to do is follow the  easy and clear step-by-step system inside.

The education inside covers everything in jazz piano but more importantly the most burning frustrations students seem to experience during the learning process :

Looking back, I have no idea how I managed to play any jazz piano tune.

In fact, the honest truth is…I couldn’t!

The 20+ year nightmare
that was my jazz
piano journey

When I first started playing jazz piano I knew I was terrible.

I had no idea what I was doing. Every time I tried to play a tune it sounded like a broken mess of absolute garbage.

But I was determined.

I tried EVERYTHING imaginable.

You name it, I’ve tried it.

I bought all the books out there including every book Mark Levine published.

I purchased everything by Jamey Aebersold.

I bought videos and courses on block chords, voicings, bebop improvisation, solo piano and more.

I studied jazz piano at New England Conservatory for 3 years.

After year 3 I quit.

Three very awful things had come from that experience.

#1 - I completely wasted $12,000 dollars

You can do the math. I’ll do it for you right now. 1 lesson a week @ $80 per lessons for 3 years. Give or take holidays. 50 lessons a year. $4000 a year. $12,000 dollars for 3 years of lessons.

#2 - I learned exactly 3 tunes by copying my teacher

My lessons went as follows. My teacher would sit at the piano and play, while talking, showing me voicings, and licks then he would say, “Okay now you sit here and try.” Ummmm…I’m sorry what?!

#3 - I still couldn't play or improvise over new tunes

After 3 years of lessons and $12k down the drain I could play 3 tunes because I learned and had copied the exact arrangement my teacher had played. I COULDN’T play any new tunes on my own or improvise how I wanted to.

To this day it still boggles my mind.

I learned jazz in the MOST WRONG WAY possible.

And sadly, this is probably what you’re doing right now.

How do I know? Because I did it. 

I literally walked the path you are on right now. And it got me no where.

But looking back now, while having created a successful jazz piano education system, I now understand the problem.

The "Traditional Jazz Education Method"

The “Traditional” method of learning jazz was the reason I blew thousands of dollars, wasted 15 years of my life and was constantly frustrated, depressed and doubtful I would ever play jazz the way I wanted.

Simply put, it was a complete dumpster fire.

And…like it or not, believe me or not…you, yes YOU…are most likely using this method right now.

And that is the very thing that is holding you back.

The fact of the matter is, there is no organization or structure, nor has there EVER been, when it comes to learning jazz.

This extremely frustrating, completely unclear, absolutely ludicrous way of learning jazz has been “the only way” of learning since the dawn of time!

It was no wonder my teacher taught me like this.

Because this is how he learned from his teacher.

And how that teacher learned before them.

Jazz piano education and all jazz education for that matter is an absolute MESS of jazz piano information scattered about in different books, online courses, dvds, online libraries, teachers and other resources.

And guess what the internet did?

It took an already completely unclear learning process, and sucked any hope there ever was right out!

What learning jazz looks like with the the amazing invention of the internet! Yayyyyy! It's so easy!

I dare you to try and make sense of this.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 99% of students will never achieve their jazz piano goal.

The thing is, it’s tricky to see how flawed the education is when you’re the student.

But when I propose questions to you like this…

You can clearly tell they’re completely idiotic.

But when you’re student, you simply can’t see it and you don’t understand why.

It leaves us feeling inadequate, doubtful, depressed, stressed and
wanting to quit our dream of expressing ourselves through the beautiful
music of jazz.

Over my 20+ year jazz piano journey I’ve essentially learned all the ways NOT to learn jazz piano.

I wish I knew this before but I guess some people have to go through things in order to help others NOT follow in their foot steps.

Compare that to today...

In the past nothing worked and I know why now. It was the method of education I was learning.

Jumping around from topic to topic with no structured learning path.

Always copying what others were playing without knowing what they were playing or why they were playing it.

How do all students do on the test when they've copied the homework? ...Yea...bad...real bad.
Today, when I sit down to play, I don’t copy anybody.
I don’t even have to think. I can play beautiful music straight from my heart. I can express whatever I want to. Joy, excitement, beauty, pain. I don’t need any tunes. I don’t need notes or chords. I don’t have to worry about where to place my hands, or what notes to play.

The biggest change is the happiness and confidence I feel. Before I used to blame myself for not being able to play. I use to think I was the problem

But I now know that’s not the case.

Do you know whats even better?

You can play jazz piano the way you’ve always wanted to as well.

You can do it without wasting years of your life. You can do it without blowing $12,000 on lessons that leave you knowing only 3 tunes. You can even do it without years and years of practice. Most importantly, your playing will be good-and it’ll let you share your gift of music with whoever you want and however you want while feeling confident about it in the process.

How do you learn to play
jazz piano like
a pro?

In the past,  every time I sat down at the piano I had no idea what to practice. I would give some meaningless exercise my best attempt and then eventually move on to just noodling around.

Hopelessly trying to connect the dots.

Hopelessly trying to figure out the puzzle.

Feeling completely discouraged and frustrated because everything I heard myself playing sounded like crap.

Praying that somehow I would be touched by a divine power and that would unlock all the secrets to jazz piano for me. And I would finally be able to play like all the pros I heard on the albums.

Guess what?

That never happened and I never got better.

So what is the solution?

I’ll give you a hint…

HINT: The plan looks something like this...

I’ve been teaching jazz piano for 20+ years. And for everyone lesson plan and curriculum I’ve created, there were two or three that I scrapped. (In fact, I literally just designed a new way to define and reach your jazz piano goals this year which is now inside JPS 4.0.)

That’s more than 20+ years of trial-and-error to figure out what really matters in jazz piano education and what doesn’t.

As a student, all we want is for someone to tell us what to practice in order to get better. We just want a road map to follow.

A plan.

A system.

A blueprint.

A curriculum.

The classic “Watch me play it, then you do it” is out!

The common phrase, “Just feel it!” is out!

“Just do it again, you’ll get it eventually.”….out!

All the absurdly, general statements teachers like to throw out to the students because they have no real idea how to help them are all OUT!

So what’s in? 

What is proven to work? 

What has a track record for being successful? 

What was created by a student for a student based on a shared educational journey?


Jazz Piano School provides you with structured and organized, step-by-step jazz piano education that will help you reach your jazz piano dream in months instead of years…not to mention…

…allow you to feel the way you’ve always wanted…happy, confident, and connected to the music you’re freely creating.

I built Jazz Piano School to NOT be just another online piano website.

I built Jazz Piano School to solve a problem that has been deeply woven in jazz education for years and is still happening to this day.

I built Jazz Piano School so that you wouldn’t have to go through all the pain frustration I went through on my journey.

I built Jazz Piano School to help you get the quickest results in the shortest amount of time without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

It is the MOST organized, structured and sequential, jazz piano curriculum online. 

A curriculum that follows a step by step plan that ensures you’re moving towards success!

While at the same time…immersing you in an extremely supportive community of other jazz piano enthusiasts that just ‘get it’. 

Giving you access to the tools, strategies, and methods you need to either start playing or break through your plateaus, and achieve your jazz piano dream FASTER and EASIER!

What is the Jazz Piano School
Black Box Offer?

Lucky for you it’s Black Friday.

And I’ve personally created this custom Black Box offer to do one thing for you.

Give you everything Jazz Piano School has to offer for the lowest price ever.

Not to mention access to all the new 4.0 updates you’ll see once you’re inside.

Remember, this expires on Tuesday, November 28th @ midnight Pacific.

Here’s what you’ll get with our limited Black Box offer.

#1 - Lifetime Access To Our 6 Stage Success Path Curriculum

(Value $2,997)

The first thing I ever created inside of Jazz Piano School was the Success Path Curriculum.
As I mentioned before, through out my journey, my education was so blatantly lacking one thing…organization, structure, and clarity.

Simply put…a path to follow.

It’s a good thing I did too, because this 6 Stage Curriculum, packed with every single jazz piano topic you could possibly want to know about is now being used in colleges, universities, high schools, studios, and private homes all over the world.

It has been by far the most popular “thing” I have created that has led and is currently leading students to realize their jazz piano dream.

You’ll get lifetime access to this and any updates we make in the future with this years Black Box offer.

Here is a little glimpse inside…

6 Stage Curriculum that accommodates any level of jazz piano student

Assessment journey to place you exactly where you should be in the curriculum


700+ Lesson Videos On Any Device

(Midi, notation, chord symbols & slow down)

Step-By-Step Learning Throughout

(Absolutely no guessing at what to do next!)

6 Stage Level Access

(Designed For All Skill Levels)

Journey or Library Learning Paths

(Follow our Journey Path or jump around)


Over 3400 Practice Exercises

(Specific exercises for every step of the way)

Over 640 Pages of Workbook Exercises

(Writing helps you learn 10x faster!)

Over 500 Pages of Lesson Text

(Study and read about the concepts anywhere)


The Success Path Curriculum alone would help you make more progress than anything you’ve used in the past.

I guarantee it.

But, the curriculum is large, and I wanted to create very small and quickly achievable pieces of education that students could move through in 3-7 days.

So I built the “Mini Courses” inside of Jazz Piano School.

Students loved these because they were fast, easy to integrate and gave them quick wins.

You’ll get lifetime access to all these courses and future courses we release with our Black Box offer.

Take a look…

#2 - Lifetime Access To All Mini Courses

(Value $1,997)


The 14-Day Jazz Standard

Learn a systematic process that will teach you exactly what steps you should be going taking every time you learn a new tune. 

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Complete Voicing Strategy Part 1

Stop copying random voicings and follow an organized and structured voicing plan to successfully implement into your playing!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


How To Use Upper Structure Triads To Add Extensions

Start creating the ultimate jazz sound by using upper structure triads and extensions to quickly bring color to your voicings!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


6 Must Know Voicings & Setups To Comp Effectively

These 6 voicings & setups will give you the exact structures you need to ensure you’re getting a rich lush sound every time.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


4 Must Know Reharms To Reharm Like a Pro

The 4 most important reharms you need to learn to start reharmonizing melodies, chords, and tunes like a pro.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Bebop Improvisation

Learn the simple equation of Bebop Improvisation that can be quickly learned through the clear steps in this mini-course.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


How To Start Improvising
With Chord Tones

Start having fun with improvisation today! Learn how the most important foundation element to set your improv up for success!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Two Hand Voicing Building System

Learn the systematic process for creating amazing sounding two hand voicings in all registers that can be used on any tune!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer



(with new ones added and updated)

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer

I really shouldn’t tell you this but I’m going to

When I was in middle school and high school there was a product in bookstores called “Cliffs Notes”.

Have you ever heard of these?

Cliffs Notes were small booklets that gave you the most pertinent information you needed to know about a book.

Students would use these instead of reading the book to write papers, speak in class, and complete any other project assignment you might need.

It was 100x faster. Trust me. I used them. And they worked!

I don’t know if they’re still around or how they were even sold.

The Playbook Courses you’ll see below were built to do the same exact thing as Cliffs Notes were designed for.

Give you the most pertinent information about a particular category without giving you too little or too much.

Essentially…a Playbook for that jazz piano topic.

With the Black Box offer you will get lifetime access to all the Playbook Courses and any that are released in the future as well.

#3 - Lifetime Access To All Current Playbooks and Future Playbooks Released

(Value $1,997)


The Styles Playbook

One single tune can take on a number of different stylistic approach? Learn what to choose and how to execute inside.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Improvisation Playbook

Improvisation can feel nebulous, confusing and overwhelming. Find out the necessary and simple steps needed to master improv.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Extensions & Colors

Extensions in jazz are like colors to a painter. Learn how to create amazing jazz sounds and atmospheres inside.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Ear Training Playbook

Ear training doesn’t have to be difficult and boring and you certainly don’t need to be able to hear everything. Here’s why.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Blues Playbook

Want to create that gritty, soulful, dirty sound of the blues in your playing on command when you sit down to play?

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Ballads Playbook

The intimate and slow atmosphere created by the ballads are extremely alluring. Here’s how to perfect them in your playing.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Voicings Playbook

Want to learn how to create your OWN voicings with a systematic process that you can use forever? Find out how inside.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Solo Piano Playbook

Solo piano can seem like rocket science because of all the hats we need to wear. Here’s exactly what you need to focus on.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Practice Playbook

Isn’t it terrifying to think you may be wasting time and getting worse with your practice? Let’s put an end to that right now.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Reharms Playbook

Reharms are great for making tunes your own or spicing up changes, but how do you do it? Learn it all inside.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Comping Playbook

Interested in playing with a group or comping for yourself in solo piano? Find out everything you need to know inside.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer

Now you’re probably thinking…”What the heck does Jazz Piano School NOT have?!”

Probably nothing to be honest.

But there is ONE more educational course area that is EXTREMELY important to the system I built and the success of all the Jazz Piano School students.

As Jazz Piano School grew students began asking for very miscellaneous information on different topics.

Topics that weren’t THAT important to becoming a successful jazz pianist, but were simply just…for fun!

And I don’t blame them. Every student is interested in different things.

This is why I built the “Specialty Courses” you’ll see below.

These Specialty Courses are mid-sized courses that contain 70-120 videos that go deep down the rabbit hole into…well…specialty topics.

For example, you can learn way more about the blues and how to achieve a successful blues sound, or if you’re interested in the great Bill Evans, you can go through the Bill Evans Arranging system.

This area also contains one of my BEST improvisation courses that will take you to a pro level, and a bunch of other goodies.

I have more courses planned for the future which you’ll see below.

You’ll get lifetime access to all these courses and all the future courses we release with the Black Box offer.

#4 - Lifetime Access To All Current and Future Specialty Courses

($1,997 value)


How to Crush The Blues Like The Pros

Do you love the blues but struggle to get that actual gritty, dirty, soulful sound that you’re looking for? Look no further.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


Vocal Accompaniment

Want to provide solid, interesting and lush support to vocalists, and soloists? This specialty course will do just that and more.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


My Top Ten Most Successful Jazz Piano Systems

Get the 20% of Brenden’s most successful education systems will provide 80% of the results you’re looking to achive.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Bill Evans Arranging System

Learn the two hand voicings, harmonies, movements, solo piano style, LH voicings, RH improv and more of the great Bill Evans.

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Jazz Piano School Solo Piano System

Want to improve your solo piano method and learn how to quickly play new, lush sounding jazz standards with ease?

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


The Secrets to Playing Ballads & Love Songs

Are you a ballad lover? Discover the hidden secrets that the pro use to arrange ballads and make them sound beautiful!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


Complete Christmas Jazz
(For All Levels)

Who doesn’t want to play Christmas Jazz? Learn all the classic Christmas Jazz Standards you need to wow at the holidays!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


Easily Play Stride & Ragtime Piano Like A Pro

Interested in the older styles of jazz piano? Up your stride and ragtime piano today with this brand new specialty course!

Retail Price:


Included with Black Friday Offer


Cocktail Jazz Piano

Have you ever walked into a bar, lounge or happy hour and had the desire to sound the like pianist? Well now you can!

Retail Price:

Coming 2024

Included with Black Friday Offer


The Complete Oscar Peterson Style

Oscar Peterson is one of a kind and his style is no different. Blazing blues and bebop combined. Here’s how you do it!

Retail Price:

Coming in 2024

Included with Black Friday Offer


How To Expertly Perform The Most Popular Standards

Want to build a repertoire of tunes you can masterly perform for friends, family or yourself at a moments notice? 

Retail Price:

Coming in 2024

Included with Black Friday Offer

Jazz piano can be extremely lonely and isolating.

I’ve noticed this in my own emotional reflection through out my journey and based on what students have expressed to me through out the years.

It’s just down right mentally hard.

99% of the time you’re by yourself, isolated from others, you have no idea if what you’re doing is even correct, you have no idea if what you’re practicing is actually what you should be practicing, and then you hear the voices pop up in your head.

“I’m not good enough.”

“I can’t do this.”

“I don’t have enough talent.”

“Why am I even trying. Just give up.”

“I wasn’t made for this.”

And how does this make us feel?

I’ll tell you EXACTLY how I used to feel….downright terrible!

I felt awful constantly.

I felt discouraged.

I cried a lot.

I was angry, mad, sad, depressed.

Every time I went to sit at the piano I was stressed and wanted to quit.

Can you relate at all?

Your feelings might not be as visceral as mine but I’m sure a lot of you out there reading this right now are saying…”Yup, this is exactly how I feel.”

And now for the MAIN EVENT!

I have one phrase for you.

“Better, Together”.

It’s taken us over a year of hard, HARD work, but in this brand new release of JPS 4.0 we have a BEAUTIFUL new community available for you…

This next perk that comes with the Black Box offer is the MOST valuable of all.

More so than any of the education you will receive.

Why is that?

Because if you feel so depressed and discouraged that you quit…then there is no hope for you.

No amount of education can inspire you and motivate you to keep going.

But do you know what can?


Introducing…perk #5.

#5 - Lifetime Access To Our Brand New Supportive JPS Community!

($1,997 value)

Directly inside of Jazz Piano School you’ll get lifetime access to an incredible community, filled other jazz piano students just like yourself that will inspire you, motivate you, and pick you up when you’re down.

You can connect with other members, share your thoughts, ask questions, post your wins, message members individually, and get help from the JPS staff.

It’s the #1 MOST important aspect of Jazz Piano School that will directly result in your success.


Besides the beautifully designed “Facebook” like feed that acts and functions just like a Facebook feed WITHOUT being on Facebook, you’ll get access to all the community forums.

If you don’t know what forums are, they are simply a way to organize question threads into categories.

Where as a news feed is just a general stream of thoughts and posts. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort through and get help on specific topics.

That’s why the JPS Forums are so important for you to succeed.

I couldn’t possibly describe all the benefits of the community, you’ll just have to try it and see it for yourself.

But my last favorite is the ability to connect with other members, myself, and the JPS staff.

This allows you to make friends along your journey.

It allows you to get help when you need it and fast!

It allows you to feel connected to other students going through the exact same thing you are so you know that you’re not alone.

You can message and connect with other members or myself at anytime for support and help.

Most students studying with a private jazz piano teacher& pay
monthly, weekly or per lesson. When the student stops paying guess what?! No more learning. No more support. No more help

Stinks doesn’t it!

Same thing happens at schools and colleges. You pay thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars and attend the school then graduate. After you’re done, your learning is OVER.

Maybe…just MAYBE, you’ve built a strong connection with a professor. 

Enough to be able to contact them to ask questions. But even so, you know they’re swamped with other work and have to prioritize their own students. Not someone who graduated years ago.

But what if…you could make one SMALL investment and get education, help, support motivation and inspiration for the REST of your life.

Now THAT…is worth it’s weight in GOLD.

And lucky for you, that’s exactly what is being offered here with our brand new community release in JPS 4.0.

Think about it hard.

A lifetime of support from peers, and professional educators for one small price.

It’s a complete no brainer if you ask me.

If I had this opportunity for any of my personal hobbies I’m currently interested in, I would buy the lifetime help and support in seconds.

This means you can ask your fellow students questions or myself or any of the Jazz Piano School instructors questions for the rest of your life.

Go ahead and bother us…I dare you! 🙂

Lifetime support from the JPS team of professional jazz piano educators

Sterling Cozza

JPS Instructor - Undergrad Degree From Eastman School of Music. Masters from Manhattan School of music.

Bijan Taghavi

JPS Instructor - Degree From Manhattan School of Music. Masters from Michigan State University

Trent Briden

JPS Instructor - Degree From Auburn University

As you can see, I like to go all out for Black Friday.

I particularly love this “holiday”. It’s always been I buy all my stuff.

And clearly, what would Black Friday offer be without some extra special bonuses!

Here is the first Bonus you’ll get with this Black Box offer.


BONUS #1 - Lifetime Access To The 2-Week Improvisation Bootcamp Archive

($970 value)

I ran a 2 week improvisation bootcamp last year and gave 8 live masterclasses on improvisation and 2 live open Q & A's.

It was some of the best improvisation education I've ever taught.

The students absolutely loved it and learned so much.

I covered literally everything you could possibly want to learn on improvisation and demonstrated everything.

If improvisation is your thing, then I kid you not, you can't live without this.

This alone could be the missing puzzle piece you need to completely unlock your improvisation performance.

Every masterclass was recorded and inside you'll get access to all of them and the 2 Q & A's.

Something that ONLY the improvisation bootcamp students are supposed to have access to.

And I'm unlocking it for you and throwing it in as a bonus.

Here's What You'll Learn

All the education you’re about to have access to could be worth diddly if you don’t know how to practice it.

On to Bonus #2!


BONUS #2 - Practice Secrets Playbook & Masterclass


($497 value)

You can only guide a horse to water, you can't make it drink.

Practice is absolutely key. And if you're doing it wrong, then nothing matters.

I've witnessed the practice habits of students that are so terrible that they are literally getting worse right before my eyes.

Is this you?

Do you even know?

Most likely, you don't.

And that's why this particular Bonus is also a game changer for all students. And why it was so important I added it to the Black Box for you.

Without knowing "HOW" to practice, everything else I teach you is worthless.

Here's What You'll Learn


BONUS #3 - 1000+ Blues Reharms & Masterclass

($297 value)

Although not a necessity for learning jazz piano, it's an absolute fun one.

I absolutely love the blues and most students do as well.

Through out my career I've learned many, MANY ways to reharm the blues to spice it up and give it my personal touch.

In this masterclass and accompanying PDF I'll teach you all the reharms possible and explain why they work so you can use them to when you comp, improvise, or play the blues solo piano.

Inside the PDF there are 30-40 different blues progressions, BUT, when you learn how to combine the different progression sets as I teach in the masterclass, you can create over 1000 different combinations.

Yup, you read that correctly.

Over 1000!

Now who doesn't want over a 1000 different ways to reharm the blues? Let's be honest.

Here's What You'll Learn

and so much more...

What Does Being A JPS Lifetime Elite Member Mean?


Even though Jazz Piano School is the Disneyland of jazz piano education, and it may seem completely massive to you, I wanted to make the Black Box offer simple.

With the Black Box offer you'll get Lifetime Elite Access To Jazz Piano School.

Simply put, you get lifetime access to all the self-study courses I've just covered for life.

And you get lifetime access to all NEW courses we release in the future as well.

Lifetime Elite Status.

The highest Jazz Piano School status available.

This also means a lifetime of jazz piano education and support from us.

You can get jazz piano help from us for life.

Think about that for a second.

I'll wait.

I'm sure you realize the value of that particular perk which comes with this Black Box.

When People Implement Jazz Piano School Education They Get Results.

It really is...that simple.

I've seen it happen for over 10 years now. For myself, and thousands of students. But that doesn't mean I have just laid down and rolled over.

Every year, every month, every week, every DAY, I'm on a quest to make Jazz Piano School better.

I'm completely obsessed with your results.

And over the last year, I actually paid thousands of dollars for TRAINING of my own to find out exactly how to provide the best possible membership experience to all of the members in order to turn those "want to succeed" members into super high achievers who actually get results.

And here's the good news...

I found what I believe to be the needle movers.

And I've added to the "experience" of Jazz Piano School once again withe new release of JPS 4.0.

I've never been more confident that this will produce even more results than ever before you and everyone else.

BUT...of course, you still might not believe me.

And you might still be wondering...

Will this work for me?

If you've read this far, then I know that you're serious but there could be a few thoughts of running through your mind.

Things like...

"I don't have enough
time for something else."

This mom of two is finding time simply because Jazz Piano School is soooo easy to follow!

Check out what she has to say...

The last thing you and I want is something else on our todo list. That's where Jazz Piano School is unique. With years of experience teaching thousands of students in person and online, I KNOW what works for student success.
That's why the entire course has been intentionally structured to help you absorb the content and get you playing jazz piano fast.

And just like James Watson who is actually a composer and doing lots of other things as well, Jazz Piano School is "such a clear, structured and thought out lesson plan."
He actually has to FIGHT the urge to move on! 🙂

"How is this different from
other online jazz piano websites."

This is truly the ONLY online jazz piano website that gives you a complete, step-by-step educational curriculum to follow.  

The curriculum and materials inside Jazz Piano School aren't based off of a couple of lessons, or a couple of subjects here and there.

It's the accumulation of thousands of hours of schooling, teaching, troubleshooting, testing, and observation of jazz piano success. 

We provide a blueprint that is proven to work over and over again. This is why it is being used in colleges, universities, high schools, studios and homes through out the world. 

And don't forget...I actually used this system myself to teach myself jazz piano freedom and go on to have a fulfilling career as a professional jazz pianist.

"No matter how hard I try and learn I still can't put
anything together to play
the way I want."

I know you feel frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed by the journey that is jazz piano.

It's not easy!

Trust me when I say this...that's exactly how I felt for the first 10 years of my life.

Learning from the "Traditional Methods" of jazz education.

It's like trying to go through encyclopedia's yourself to learn American History. 

Pretty much near impossible without the right roadmap, plan and structure to order all the information for you. 

Thousands of other students have shared the same frustrations...but what they've found is that after joining Jazz Piano School they actually felt CONFIDENT. 

They knew what to learn and practice for the first time. This gave them momentum to push forward, and keep going on the right path to reach their dream. 

"I don't want this to take years of my life."

Me either! 

That's why the content in Jazz Piano School is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible.  Sarah has light bulb moments all the time when moving through our education!

Everything was developed to follow a perfected sequence of learning so that you can achieve your goal as quickly as possible as long as you're working through the materials. 

"No one will be available to help
me if I start and then get stuck."

Amy found our support to be one of the highlights of Jazz Piano School. It helped her feel confident that she could do this!

The best part about Jazz Piano School is we have trained college graduate "Progress Teachers" ALWAYS available to answer any of your questions whenever you want. 

You can ask them anytime...go ahead and bug us. We LOVE it!

And of course, yours truly is always available to help you as well. 🙂

"But there is already so much free jazz piano education available on the internet."

There is! And that's great!

It's always nice to pick up little nuggets here and there.

But let me ask you a do you know what to learn first?

And how do you know what to learn second?

How do you know if that course you just bought on block chords is actually WHAT you need in this moment?

I'm sure you're interested in it, but is it actually helping you move forward to your primary goal?

And what voicing strategy is right for your level, or what improv elements you should be implementing at this current moment based off of what you've just learned?

The problem is, you don't really know if the information you're getting is RIGHT for where you are in YOUR journey.

Which is completely OKAY! 🙂 Because you're not the teacher.

You cannot TEACH yourself by watching youtube videos, reading articles and purchasing small courses you think are best for you.

This is exactly what Trevor did and listen to what he found out...

This is exactly why Jazz Piano School is the best.

It gives you a structured, clear, plan that will build your confidence, bring you happiness, and give you all the momentum you need to succeed and achieve your dream. 

Do you believe it now?

Like I said, belief is everything.

Having students around you that are seeing results and sharing them so you believe you can do it to is one of the most powerful motivational tools.

But...if you still don't believe it to be true, here are a couple more students to help.

Ron Iannazzi

Mark Simmons

Jesse Hernandez

George Moore

Michelle Sorger

Dunja Wildt

Jhoe Kelly Moise

Toni Crowder

Debbie Preece

Ben Jackson

Kay Savetz

Alix Beeney

I can keep going but I'll spare you the time it takes to watch through the thousands of testimonials.

So I bet you're curious about the investment, right?

Well, I can tell you this. It certainly ain't going to cost you $12,000!

I'll tell you what it is down below but first I want you to know that...

15% of Your Enrollment Cost Goes Directly To "Save The Music" to Give Kids The Gift of Music

I believe in the power of music to change the world. It's one of the reasons I started Jazz Piano School.

I also believe no child should go without music in their life. And that is why I love this charity. Because they help provide the opportunity for all kids to learn music.

And as I said above, 15% of your investment will go directly to this charity to help bring music to students all over in various ways.

On to the investment!

Here is a summary of EVERYTHING you're going to get with the Black Box.


This offer is valid for Black Friday 2023 only and will expire in...


value $2,997

value $497

value $997

value $1,997

value $2,997

value $695

value $497

value $297

Total Value = $10,974

Lifetime Access To Our 700 Video, 6 Stage Success Path Curriculum, Complete with Quizzes, Badges, Lesson text, Practice Exercises and Workbook

value $2,997

Lifetime Access To All Current & Future Mini Courses

value $497

Lifetime Access To All Current And Future Playbook Courses

value $997

Lifetime Access To All Current and Future Specialty Courses

value $1,997

Lifetime Access To BRAND NEW Community Features, And Lifetime Support from JPS Staff and more!

value $2,997

BONUS #1 - Lifetime Access To Improv Bootcamp Archive Masterclasses

value $695

BONUS #2 - Practice Secrets Masterclass and Playbook

value $497

BONUS #3 -1000 Blues Reharms PDF and Masterclass

value $297

Total Value = $10,974

So...instead of paying over $100,000 to attend a 4 year jazz college that comes with no additional support after college is over...

Instead of paying over $10,000 for 3 years of lessons, unrecorded, with no materials and no plan and no progress...

Instead of paying $5000 for a single college course that provides no on going support or access to education after the course is over...

Instead of paying full price of $2,997 for our Lifetime Elite membership option that comes with no bonuses...

Get the JPS Black Box Now

for ONE Easy Payment of




75% off our public price of $2,997, SAVE $2,300!







I’ve packed a lot into Jazz Piano School, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to practice something let it digest, integrate it into your playing, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try just once course, one topic, one exercise. If you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I’ll even eat the credit card processing fees.

It’s simple: Join me and the others and try it for yourself. If my structured education doesn’t help you improve some aspect of your jazz piano performance within 30 days, I want you to email me. Tell me what you tried to work on, and I’ll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 30 days, which completely covers any small concept within Jazz Piano School. That means you can look around into everything and then decide if it’s right for you.


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