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This Program is an Investment
Into Your Jazz Piano Success

I’ll be the first one to say it..making progress in your jazz piano playing is very, very hard. 

There are so many categories, so much information, and even with everything inside of Jazz Piano School questions are bound to arise. 

I wanted to be able to help students in a more intimate and hands on way. I don’t have much time anymore and this will allow me to connect with you and teach you in an improved and optimal learning environment with real time feedback and education. 

I created this program for the player that really wants to take their playing to the next level.

A player that is dedicated and committed to their own growth as a jazz pianist. 

That will pursue this amazing art for the rest of their life. 

Another reason I created this program was to give you an opportunity to COMMIT to something. 

A goal.

A schedule.

An outcome.

Jazz piano can seem like a never ending journey that you never get rewarded from.

By going through this program you will experience a beginning and an end. And because of that, you will be able to feel satisfaction and fulfillment from working hard and applying yourself. 

Everything is sweeter after difficulty. 

Last but not least, the magic of community growth is hard to believe until you see it happen around you and to you. By learning with others, playing for others, listening to others, you’re immersed in an experience that forces you to get better and make way more progress than you ever would on your own. 

This program will be an intense, 3 month educational cohort, that will help you face your fears, learn the small nuanced details that you’re missing, and force you to grow as a player and person. 

I’m extremely exited to be launching this new, in depth education for Jazz Piano School and cannot wait to teach you in a more personal environment. 

Here’s to your accelerated growth! 

-Brenden Lowe

Creator and Founder of Jazz Piano School

What You'll Get When You Join:



Start Date: Sept 6th

End Date: December 2nd

The Schedule

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JPS Accelerator Features

Group Lessons

These group lessons will be different than any of the live lessons JPS does because the will be conducted through zoom. At the beginning Brenden, Sterling or Trent will check in with everyone then teach on a subject that the majority of students are struggling with. There will be open conversation and question answer during the entire lesson along with dedicated practice to the topic.

Small Pod Lessons

These pod lessons will be teaching and playing from each student with Brenden. The small group format will allow Brenden to give you exactly what you need to make quick progress while also highlighting points the other students in the pod might need to work on as well. By teaching in these small pod formats students will learn more quickly by observing their fellow pod members and also playing for others.

Weekly Video Assignments

Each week every student will be required to submit a short homework video assignment via google classroom. This will be so Brenden can monitor your progress and to hold student accountable to practicing in order to ensure they're making progress and seeing the results they want. Brenden will personally provide feed back on all video assignments. There will be many easy ways to do this and will be discussed and explained prior to the beginning of the program.

Private Lessons Every Other Week

Every student will receive 6 private lessons that will be conducted every other week with either Sterling or Trent. You will stay with one teacher for the entirety of the program. Brenden will be in direct contact with Sterling and Trent to dictate appropriate exercises and strategies for them to implement into your lesson. Due to Brenden's time and obligations unfortunately he is unable to provide private lessons. He will be ensuring you're receiving the most direct plan for you to reach your goals through Sterling and Trent in your private lessons.

Q & A / Office Hours

Every other week there will be an instructor available to answer questions in a live education room. These are office hours with no planned agenda. These are completely optional to attend but are highly encouraged. You can get extra help here or simply watch and listen as other students get help and instruction to their own sticking points.

Guest Masterclasses

During the program there will be 3 guest educators brought in to conduct special masterclasses. These masterclasses will be based on the needs of the students and the guest will cover multiple subjects. There will also be a Q & A for students to ask the guest any questions they may have. All of these will be recorded and stored in the group program area.

Open Mic Nights

Every month there will be an open mic night. This is to give students a chance to perform what they've been working on and support each other in this journey. Performance is not required by highly recommended. This will also be a time to learn from each other about how students overcame difficulties, and reached certain levels of playing that you might be striving for.

Final Concert and Graduation

There will be a final concert video edited together that will include a snippet of everyone playing a different part of a tune. There will also be a toast, graduation ceremony and final concert. The final concert is not required but highly recommended in order to gain performance experience and enjoy a fulfilling accomplishment of playing for others/

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Everything will be recorded and stored in a members area for you to watch back at anytime.

Absolutely. This program is meant for all skill levels. 

Zoom will be used for all the lessons in order to listen to you play and teach. 

Yes, you will be required to play in front of others during your small pod. The open mic nights and final concert will be optional. I truly believe playing for others is one of the best ways to grow as a player. By listening to others and having others listen to you, you’ll learn LOTS of valuable information. You’ll also be a positive force in the journey of your fellow students. 

All of the education will be custom tailored to the goals of the 20 students involved in the program. 

Brenden always dreamed of playing jazz piano and has invested over 240k for his college tuition at The New School University in New York for the best of the best. Sterling and Trent have also invested a similar amount into their education as well. And that’s exactly what you’ll be getting in this program. The best of the best. Most collegiate jazz piano programs cost 30-40k per 4 month semester for less one on one focus than you will be receiving in this program. This is for the extremely serious player that wants to make a deep commitment to their playing.  Your tuition for this program is going towards a lot of different things, number one being the professional time that Trent, Sterling, and Brenden will be spending with you to help and support you in your jazz piano journey and all their experience they’ve put in through the years. Secondly, the cost of the guest educators that will be brought in to help and support you. Third, the time that Brenden, Sterling, and Trent will be spending with you take away from other income opportunities. They will be prioritizing you in their lives for these 12 weeks. That is something very special. If you would like a payment plan, please write in and let us know. We’re more than happy to try and work with you.  


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